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Hi folks! Thanks for the visit. I originally started this blog in 2007 and it was mainly political in nature at the time. Then, I decided that people are just fascinating in general, which led to this eventual migration towards Typeology and other aspects of human psychology and behavior. Taken at face value, Typeology tools are fairly limiting, especially when you’re basing them off of inaccurate online tests and stereotypical type descriptions, which are either so narrow that they fail to describe the type accurately…or they’re so broad that everyone finds themselves relating to them (like Astrology). Now, I use it as a platform to get into the details of the human condition which most people don’t think about. I do this with the express goal of showing how deep and complex and beautiful we all really are. 🙂



  1. Oh my gosh! I love your blog description! ❤ Just so much! 😀 I have pretty much had the same flow from thinking people are fascinating in general to finding difficulties in typology to using it as a platform. However I have trouble forming sentences and words for all the neat things I observe and see in people, so I think it's so cool you can! I look forward to reading more.


  2. Is there a face&name behind this blog? I’d like to send a personal thanks for such an honest and beautiful peace of writing. So rare. Thank you!


  3. Recently, I was driving down the road during rush hour and noticed a short husky canine who had escaped the bondage of human servitude and somehow believed that darting in and out of traffic would be significantly more entertaining / exhilarating than the mundane daily routine of consumption and defecation.

    Instantly seeing the danger and stress the poor pup had become enveloped within; I quickly changed lanes and crossed traffic into a parking lot. Between my girlfriend and me,I figured we could corral him into the back seat, check his tag / chip and return him to his owner. Unfortunately, today would not be that day.

    With increased quickness, elusive behavior, the little guy slipped us in two parking lots, and proceeded to run down a sidewalk parallel to the busy traffic.

    I called for him in a sweet and calm voice, while I was bending down like I had food in my hand. He turned perpendicular, ran directly into the traffic while he watched me over his shoulder. The traffic was slow due to a red light, but as he approached the other side – not five feet from safety – a low riding sedan struck him and rolled him under the complete length of the vehicle.

    What a devastating turn for the poor animal and the emotional state of my evening.

    Why wouldnt the dog listen? Why didn’t the people break or even stop (not even after the accident)? And more importantly, did my actions to help, actually result in choices that caused death? These are some haunting questions and thoughts that can only be tempered by faith.

    Each of us are also tempered differently. And the author of this blog has done an excellent job at explaining the nature of this temperament. For that I must give gratitude, as it feels comforting to know that there are people that truly understand.

    Out of curiosity, I would like to ask the bloggers personality type. I suspect it is an INTJ.

    In all fairness I should disclose mine first: INFJ bordering on INTJ.


  4. Well, I’m a little surprised. I do have two daughters that are INFP. You must be well educated with a high IQ. Great articulation and forethought in your writing. Keep up the good work – I’ll be admiring from my little crevice of the collective conscious. 😉


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